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Far too many people sacrifice important aspects of their lives in order to accomplish goals in others. While short-term tradeoffs may be necessary at times, the Oculus approach is to utilize long-term strategies that create win-win benefits across all facets of experience. Gaps in some facets can place limits on others, while solid foundations across the board can open up new vistas of opportunity. There is balance in all things.

What is Comprehensive Personal Development?

The core philosophy of the Oculus Institute is that improving all facets of our experience is not only possible, but achievable for anyone. While there are many possible frameworks for organizing how to approach the personal development journey, we recommend these 8 categories…


The benefits of spiritual study are vast but not readily apparent to many people. Spiritual studies are NOT to be confused with religion. The principles here are universal, and the benefits they provide will serve adherents of any religion or those who follow no religion at all.

At the Oculus Institute, this facet contains four modules:

Psychohacking – Like biohacking, this discipline uses experimentation as well as a combination of ancient and modern tools to consciously reprogram one’s mind rather than operate blindly on past conditioning that may not serve one’s goals. A prerequisite to all other spiritual studies, a key component of this process is disidentification – seeing oneself as an Awareness/soul that has dominion over the mind and body rather than believing one is the mind and/or body. This is the module that is focused on the internal portion of the Awaken program.

Mysticism – This is what most spiritual students are seeking. Despite some modern misconceptions about the term “mysticism,” the original meaning of the term (and that used by Oculus) is the study of cultivating connectedness, spiritual awareness, agape (the highest form of love), forgiveness, gratitude, and presence. It also includes transcendent experiences such as revelation, unity consciousness, and other similar states. This path ultimately leads through the ability to see balance in all things and transcending the perspective of separation of anything. Mysticism is the first part of the Ascendant program.

Practical Metaphysics – Many ideas have been put forth in this area: the Law of Attraction, karma, prayer, synchronicity, and manifestation, to name a few. What these people have realized, though not described in a complete and rigorous way, is that consciousness and intent have a significant effect on our world. How these forces work should be as well understood as gravity and electricity, but they aren’t. This module is designed to help you harness these effects to shape your life in a positive and proactive manner. Practical Metaphysics is the second part of the Ascendant program

Spiritual EnlightenmentThis term is used in a very particular way at Oculus; it means abiding nondual awareness of both cosmic unity and the nonconceptual Emptiness beyond existence. As the processes and perspectives involved in this journey can be uncomfortable for most people, this is a path that is only recommended if one has a “splinter in one’s mind” that drives a search for Truth above all else. The journey towards spiritual enlightenment is the third part of the Ascendant program(and I must caveat that this is a road I am still walking and have quite a ways to go).

Finances & Career

Wealth represents the accumulated debt owed to each of us by society in exchange for the value we have created. Thus, it is something to be strived for and something to be proud of having achieved. Fortunately, Oculus is here to show you how to do so! The wealth module is also concerned with the precursors of wealth – things like career positions or reputational capital – as well as personal alignment of wealth-generating activities.

At The Oculus Institute, this facet includes four modules:

Personal Finance – Almost everyone wishes they could be at least a little bit richer. This module is designed to lay the foundation of the belief structure that will bring this desire to fruition as well as impart the understanding necessary to lay out a practical and achievable roadmap to get to the level of wealth you desire!

Investing -This module covers a broad swathe from basic investing advice for the average person to complex trading strategies. At the most basic level, learn how to manage your investment accounts without having to pay fees to investment advisors and with no time investment in monitoring the markets. For the more ambitious looking to generate an excess return, there are additional seminars on various asset classes and different trading opportunities available for each.

Career Development – From the big picture of laying out a strategic roadmap for getting your dream job to the tactical execution of getting that next raise or promotion, this module will help you fulfill your professional goals inside or outside of a structured workplace. Importantly, this includes aligning your career with your natural tendencies and authentic values so that generating wealth doesn’t subtract from other areas of life! Career Development is the primary focus of the external portion of the Awaken program.

Entrepreneurship –  Starting a new company can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Backed by direct experience (founder, equity hire, or board member) in twelve start-ups and indirect experience with several more, this module provides entrepreneurs the tools and understanding they need to achieve the fullest potential of their business. Additionally, this module includes consulting services customized to the needs of entrepreneurs, such as business plan creation and investment pitch preparation. This material is included as part of the optional Entrepreneurship Module in the external portion of the Awaken program.

Health & Fitness

From cooking to repairing cars to martial arts to survivalism, there are innumerable hobbies and practical skills we can develop to enrich our lives. Also, nearly everyone will agree that it’s worthwhile to set aside time to enjoy unique and uplifting experiences. It should be noted that some of the MOST uplifting experiences come not from focusing on self but rather from doing good for others and making a positive impact on the world.

At The Oculus Institute, this facet is broken down into five modules:

Physiology & Medicine – From biochemistry to organ systems, this module serves to convey an understanding of the biology of the body that provides the basic context for all health and fitness concepts. Also, because most people have the greatest interaction with their health in terms of the medical system, aspects of medicine (such as pathology, pharmacology, and surgery) are included here. Consults and seminars here can be conveyed at any level of detail to suit the audience, from a layman’s overview to something appropriate for those in the medical industry.

The Razor’s Edge of Health Technology – There are some absolutely incredible things being done at the boundaries of medicine today, ranging from life extension/age reversal to applied peptides and more. However, since many of these technologies are in clinical or preclinical testing, they are not generally known to the public. For those interested, this module offers an opportunity to learn about these fascinating advancements, as well as referrals to world class medical professionals leading the charge.

Spiritual Approaches to Health – While modern medicine can do wonders to treat the diseases that arise in the body, many of those diseases do not need to arise in the first place and need not continue. This module shows how relieving specific inner stresses and other modalities can lead to significantly improved health and even a slower aging process. It also ties in with the Spirituality facet to provide direction on how to achieve such rejuvenation and healing.

Nutrition – Nutrition is fundamental to life, yet it is a subject full of mistaken preconceptions, even among many supposed experts. This module uses rigorous science to shed clear light on how to eat properly to fuel the lifestyle and body you desire!

Fitness – Just as the human body requires adequate nutrition to be healthy, so it also requires sufficient physical activity. Based in the science of exercise physiology, this module will help you learn how to design workouts that both are compatible with your lifestyle and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Partner & Family

The neural circuits related to family and home are some of the most foundational of the human psyche. This facet is designed to help you cultivate a rich and loving family dynamic with those closest to you.

At The Oculus Institute, this facet is broken down into four modules:

Dating – This module includes dating psychology, clarity of goals, and self development, as well as social dynamics and attaction/filtering strategies supported by cooperation with world class dating experts. 

Life Partnership – Once the dating stage is complete, there is the perhaps greater challenge of building a loving relationship that will withstand whatever challenges arise while raising up both partners rather than becoming a burden, as so many sadly do. This module lays that architecture of success. 

Children – Anchored in developmental psychology, this module includes not only external strategies and principles suitable for each stage of development; it also addresses the internal wounds or unresolved items that are triggered in parents that children inevitably reflect. 

Family of Origin – Depending on the degree of closeness and personal situation of different people, relationships with family of origin may or may not fall into the same tribal circuit as the above items. If not, it would be included in the Social Relationships facet.

Emotional Wellness

While most people are primarily focused on external outcomes as a means of achieving their desired emotional states, it is all too often the case that one’s emotional well-being is the thing that determines one’s external outcomes.

At The Oculus Institute, this facet uses the chakra model to organize different aspects of emotional wellness:

Root – Emotional safety

Sacral – Harmonious relationship with one’s desires

Solar Plexus – Self worth and personal power

Heart – Ability to feel connection and love

Throat – Creativity and play

Third Eye – Peak experiences

Each of these aspects is then addressed with a combination of tools from the toolboxes of Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Psychohacking, amongst others.

Social Relationships

The goal of this facet is to help people expand their social circle and ensure that all their relationships are as pleasant and harmonious as possible. This facet is differentiated from Partner & Family by the degree of closeness – the human mind treats broader social connections differently than close family ones.

Aspects of this facet include:


Community [including creating communities with strong foundations for success]


Family of Origin [if more distant and thus not included in Partner & Family]


Most humans feel good when they have the opportunity to be generous and feel uncomfortable when they perceive themselves to have been a burden on others. This can stem from conditioned reciprocity or sense of duty, but for those who proceed further on the spiritual path it comes from the embodied realization that we are fundamentally all just cells in the same organism.

Aspects of this facet include:

Making right any past wrongs/debts

Career Impact  



Intellectual Pursuits

There is great delight in the exercise of the mind and scholarly studies. While the educational system may have left some people disenchanted, self-initiated learning can bring great joy and a richness of perspective that infuses all experience.

Aspects of this facet include:

Memory & Learning – techniques to increase your capacity to absorb and recall information

Logical & Mathematical Thinking – frameworks and concepts that allow one to sort fact from fiction in information, statistics, data, and complex systems

Rhetoric & Communication – writing and speaking skills that improve persuasive power


Scientific Understanding – biology, chemistry, physics, geology, oceanography, astronomy, and computer science

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