Purpose Quiz


Checkup with the Career Doctor: Career Fulfillment

  1. What percent of days are you excited to go into work?
  2. What percent of days do you dread going to work?
  3. Do you find your career severely impacting any of the following in a negative way?
  4. Imagine yourself in your current career all the way through to retirement. Do you see the day-to-day work activities bringing you joy?
  5. If you won $50 million tomorrow, would you continue in your current career in some form?

Checkup with the Career Doctor: Financial Success

  1. If you had a life-or-death situation that required you to come up with $3,000 next week, where would it come from?
  2. Do you have confidence that your next month’s income will be greater than your next month’s total spending?
  3. If you REALLY wanted to increase your next month’s income by 50% by putting in additional work, could you do so?
  4. If you stopped working for good tomorrow, would you be capable of supporting your lifestyle indefinitely with investment income and business ownership?

Checkup with the Career Doctor: Internal Alignment

  1. Over the past 6 months, have you consistently struggled with anxiety, depression, bipolar tendencies, ADD, or anything similar?
  2. How many days of productivity did you lose last month to stress, life drama, getting “triggered”, coping mechanisms, recovery, etc.?
  3. Do you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, food, or anything else?
  4. What’s your general mood most of the time?
  5. What is your most common method of dealing with stress or unmet desires?

Pillars of Career Freedom

  1. There’s an infinite number of possible careers, so in order to narrow the field, you must have clear criteria that allow you to determine what type of environments you’ll prosper in and what types will drain you. There are many psychometric tests to help with this, though some are far more useful than others. With regards to actionable psychometrics, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  2. In order to craft the single best career within the clear criteria discussed above, you must be keenly aware of your authentic values and have a specific ranking that can serve as a means of making decisions and evaluating options. It’s critical that these values be YOUR authentic values and not goals that have been imposed on your mind by others throughout your life. With regards to authentic values, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  3. In order to clearly discern your authentic values and separate them from the noise of external opinions, you must be able to maintain a peaceful presence that takes the static out of the internal radio. That means being aware of your internal thoughts, feelings, reactions, triggers, etc. as they are occurring. The “peaceful” part means doing so from a place of calm observation rather than getting sucked into the stress and identifying with it. With regards to peaceful presence, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  4. In order to motivate yourself to work through the challenges that will inevitably arise, you must articulate a goal that is inspiring enough to be worth sacrificing for. Far too many people retreat into delusional fantasies or shut themselves down entirely when it comes to creating a big vision for where they want to go with their career. With regards to visionary realism, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  5. In order to pursue any goal, you must perceive a clear path to get there without the risk of catastrophe along the way. With regards to ironclad planning, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  6. In order to have the confidence and commitment to throw your heart into something, you must develop the kind of unconditional self-love that gives you a powerful sense of self-worth and a feeling that you deserve to achieve your goals. With regards to unconditional self-love, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  7. In order for clients or employers to care about you, you must communicate a clear value proposition that satisfies needs that they simply cannot leave unmet. When it comes to handing over money, no one cares about your skills until they understand what you are promising them. With regards to irresistible value, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  8. In order for your prospect to connect to the value you are offering, you must present that value in terms that are emotionally compelling so that they can feel the pain of the problems you’re helping them avoid and the pleasure of the benefits you are helping them achieve. With regards to compelling communication, where would you place yourself on the scale below?
  9. In order to be perceived as an expert, you must present yourself in a way that clearly demonstrates that this isn’t your first rodeo. You would never trust a doctor to do surgery on you if he seemed unsure of himself or as if he was making things up on the fly. With regards to structured confidence, where would you place yourself on the scale below?

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