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The Oculus Institute offers a comprehensive range of products and services including personal development programs, coaching, literature, teaching, consulting, and speaking engagements.

Complexity Levels Theory

Complexity Levels Theory is a developmental stages model synthesized from Clare Graves’ values level work, Spiral Dynamics, the structure-stage portion of Integral Theory, Terri O’Fallon’s STAGES work, and other sources. The Complexity Levels Assessment (CLA) not only identifies what stage someone has reached but also where earlier developmental events may have left unresolved psychological items of various types.

The CLA can be useful for hiring, assessing founders/management of investment targets, or identifying areas of growth and healing for high performance and personal development. The CLA must be read by someone who has been specifically trained to do so. If you wish to take or license the CLA, please email sean@oculusinstitute.com.

DISC and Motivators Assessment

DISC Self-Assessment

The DISC/Motivators assessment is a precise tool that will get you started on the right foot by ensuring that you do not venture on a path that is incompatible with key aspects of your psychology.

You will receive a report that intricately details your results, along with training on how to interpret your results and apply them specifically in the domain of your career.

Creating this solid foundation as a starting point is fundamental to honing in on the correct route to your new life.

DISC and Motivators Assessment

Breakthrough Transformation Weekend

A weekend intensive focused on the one area of life that would most improve your experience of life if it were to start producing the results you seek. This process uses Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and other modalities to release negative emotions, rewrite limiting beliefs, resolve inner conflicts, internalize and cement positive feelings, and program the mind for success.


Awaken is an intensive personal transformation program designed for those who are truly committed to taking control of their lives. It is specially designed for professionals at the edge of burnout, and the primary outcome is transitioning you from a job that you hate to a career that you love. It involves gaining clarity of purpose, establishing transition income to ensure financial viability, planning/executing the necessary steps to achieve your dream, and deep psychohacking work. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to take charge of your destiny, you can watch the Awaken webinar here to learn more about the program, or you can reach out directly here to schedule a diagnostic session to determine if you are a good fit!

Awaken Webinar

The “Awaken” webinar provides step-by-step details of the process of building an inspiring and lucrative career, hosted by The Oculus Institute founder, Sean Sessel.

Awaken Discovery Session

Meet one-on-one with Sean Sessel to learn more about the Awaken program and see if it is a good match for you and your personal and career goals.

Awaken Prelude

The Awaken Prelude course is a self-study course that is designed as an optional precursor to the full Awaken course. It is specifically for people who are striving to build a career where they get paid well for doing what they love, but who are not yet psychologically and/or financially ready for a high-ticket transformational coaching program. It has much of the same material as Awaken (including the proven toolboxes for various income channels and several powerful internal tools), but it does not include personalized review of the materials nor the deep psychohacking component (which requires personal guidance). If you are interested in learning more about the Awaken Prelude course, you can explore deeper here.
The Science of Career Freedom

The Science of Career Freedom

How To Build A Career Doing What You Love

Most people get programmed by society to think there’s only one path to success: get a degree, find a “good” job, be an obedient little worker bee. Otherwise, we’re warned, the big, scary poverty monster will get you…

Well, I’m calling BS!

You don’t have to live someone else’s dream for decades just so that you can eventually retire and enjoy some semblance of a life, and society’s plan doesn’t offer the security it promises – people burn out and lose their jobs every day, either because they quit when they’re at the end of their rope or because they get fired when they’ve basically checked out. The worst part is that even for those tough enough to power through, living with that constant stress costs them their health, their relationships, and their happiness, leaving them looking back at the end of the day with regret.

The good news is that there’s a better way – a way to discover a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in your career; a way to escape your toxic job without jeopardizing your financial security; a way to discover your true calling in this world, something that sets your soul aflame with passion; a way to use that calling to create both financial freedom AND enduring fulfillment; and a way to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of burnout.

This book is written to show you how!

To inquire about pre-print copies, please email sean@oculusinstitute.com


Ascendant is the highest-level program offered by The Oculus Institute. It focuses on the deeper aspects of spirituality (mysticism, practical metaphysics and manifestation, and spiritual enlightenment), as well as the material applications of those principles in our daily lives.

Ascendant is an invite-only program, and it is only available for those who have completed Awaken.

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