Client Experiences

Results claimed by our customers are based on individual experiences that are unique and cannot be guaranteed.

Brian’s Story

What do you do when your job consists of boring bureaucracy and unrealistic demands from different people who are collectively demanding more than can possibly be achieved?

For Brian Lardy, the answer was “whatever it takes” to create a better career path for himself. Now, he’s got a new job at an exciting startup that is paying him $26K more, and instead of fighting with his colleagues, they play Super Smash Bros. together.

To hear about his journey and what he did to achieve such a phenomenal transformation, watch the video!

Sidney Perez’s Story

From tears of frustration to building her dream business, while making an extra $95k/year along the way.

Aaron Royce’s Story

From corporate drone to successful real estate investor and beyond.

Adam Schroll’s Story

From worker bee to impactful, spiritual business owner.

Caitlin McCombs’ Story

From trapped and underappreciated to doubling her income on her own terms.

Forest’s Story

From Lost And Jobless to a $1000 Day and Freedom. What do you do when you’ve just left a stressful job, you don’t want to keep spinning the roulette wheel of burnout with something similar, and you’re feeling lost and unmotivated?

For Forest, the answer was to get help from someone he knew could help. Now, he’s motivated, disciplined, enthusiastic, and he’s got the systems and processes to enable a successful freelancing career where he was able to make $1000 in a day.

To hear about his journey, watch the video!

Client Testimonials

Given the nature of the work we do here at the Oculus Institute, it’s not uncommon for our clients to tell us exactly how they feel! The testimonials below represent a small selection of personal notes, text messages, and social media posts from just a few of our happy clients.

Lacey S. - Sales Consultant

“I feel SO much better, and I’ve more than doubled my income in just one month!”

Molly Z. - Event Planner

“I’ve achieved every goal from my list that we did at the beginning of the course: I wanted to be making $150K/year and I’m making more. I wanted to rekindle my relationship, I wanted to move to a nicer apartment, I wanted to be out of my toxic job, I wanted to know my purpose…it’s all happened!”

Nina R. - Funeral Director

“You really are awesome and exactly the type of [coach] I have been trying to attract into my life for quite some time now.”

Hugo H. - Storyteller & Copywriter

“I’ve done courses before for things like copywriting, but this is completely different. This is DEEP, more powerful than anything else I’ve ever done.”

Anil D. - IT Developer

“When I first called you, I felt dead. Now, my energy is back and I can see the bridge to freedom!”

Lee R. - Entrepreneur

“You’ve gotten me over blocks and patterns of self-sabotage that years of therapists couldn’t get through.”

Gus K. - Insurance Sales Professional

“Sean is well worth the investment!”

Lee B. – Paralegal

“The decision to follow these lessons has been a brilliant move, in both my personal and professional life. I was able to use these teachings to earn two promotions at work, better my personal finances, and help resolve issues within my family.”

Eldin N. - Medical Student

“My experience with the Oculus Institute has been life-changing! After a few sessions with Sean, I went from feeling powerless in my life to having a sense that I could be in charge of my future, which I would have never thought was possible before. There is no better time to start taking control of your life than right now!”

Mark F. - Formerly Homeless Man Turned Full-Time Construction Worker

 “For a long time, I didn’t think I’d ever get off the streets. But now I see it coming. I couldn’t have done it without you… you helped me, you trusted in me, you believed in me.”

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