Learn The Steps To Conquer Burnout And Build A Truly Fulfilling Career Without Risking Your Financial Security…

I want to congratulate you for beginning the path towards a life filled with purpose and passion. You have taken more action so far than many will ever take!

If you’re like most people, you have done what was expected of you in order to try and get ahead and live the “American Dream.”

You attended school, paid attention, and passed the classes like a good, obedient pupil.

Conditioned at an early age, you were given a roadmap which showed that if you “toed the line” and went to college and got your piece of paper, that you too could be happy.

What they didn’t tell you was that you were being groomed to just be another cog in the system.

In other words, you were being trained to be a compliant, dutiful corporate employee that followed the “rules” without question and who was willing to pay your dues like a responsible, hard-working American.

Now, you might have started your career off with excitement and eagerness for the future thinking that you were on the path to “making it.”
All those years of hard work had paid off and now you had landed that promising career that would allow you to soar to new heights.

Things were looking very bright and all that was left was to climb that corporate ladder, get a raise every year, maybe raise a family, and start traveling!

All you had to do was keep grinding out your 40 hours a week doing what you were told. Life would be grand and you would be set.

And then… REALITY set in!

Everything seemed fine for a while… then those 40-hour weeks started becoming 50, 60, and maybe 70+ hour weeks!

Not wanting to upset the applecart, you put your nose to the grindstone like a busy little worker bee so you could stay in the good graces of your boss.

One day, you start realizing that this is NOT what you signed up for. All those extra hours working were not being rewarded and you discovered that you were only being paid a fraction of what you were worth.

As the demands of your corporate overlords continued to increase, your stress increased.

With increasing levels of stress, your mental health starts to suffer, which often starts impacting your physical health.

And more often than not, high levels of unhappiness and stress bleed into personal relationships, including marriage.

How much longer are you willing to sacrifice your physical and mental well-being?

If you are brutally honest with yourself, you probably know that something has to change.

The good news is that this does NOT have to be the reality.

You can learn the exact steps to leave behind a soul-draining job while maintaining and potentially increasing your income!


The Awaken Self-Study Course


A comprehensive, self-paced deep dive into discovering how you can finally create a fulfilling, passionate career based on your natural values so you can actually look forward to your work.

The course includes six key components to give you all the tools you need to succeed:

1 – The DISC Self-Assessment

Your new path starts by exploring and understanding your personality by using the DISC/Motivators questionnaire. This will give you an accurate depiction of your behavior patterns in conjunction with what truly motivates and inspires you.

The DISC/Motivators assessment is a precise tool that will get you started on the right foot by ensuring that you do not venture on a path that is incompatible with key aspects of your psychology.

You will receive a report that intricately details your results, along with training on how to interpret your results and apply them specifically in the domain of your career.

Creating this solid foundation as a starting point is fundamental to honing in on the correct route to your new life.

DISC and Motivators Assessment

2 – Career Planning Audio Trainings

Next up is a trio of audio trainings designed to give you direction and create a clear starting point for your career planning endeavors.

Listening to the three audios and following the steps are critical so that you can understand the process and develop a plan to transition from your current employment situation to the next step on the path to career freedom.

The career planning audios are titled:

  • Finding Your Dream Career
  • How To Quit Your Job With Class
  • Understanding Dream Bridges and Planning

3 – Income Models

By the time you have reached this part of the course, you will be crystal clear on one of three paths to take, pursuing either employment, freelancing, or entrepreneurship.


For those seeking new employment you’ll learn in great detail, how to write resumes and cover letters including proven templates for each that are designed to work with both automated screening and human reviewers. Also included is a very thorough interview guide and specific trainings on the job search process.

These materials are proven to save time and significantly increase your chances of landing your dream job much quicker than you can imagine. We’ve had clients go from 0% success to 60% success in getting interviews – it’s that effective.


In the freelancing realm, there are a vast amount of opportunities for people to work for themselves remotely without having to jump through many of the hurdles of starting a traditional business.

Included are exact, proven templates for creating online profiles and proposals to send to potential clients to demonstrate that you have the skills and expertise that can help solve their problems.

Individuals pursuing freelancing will also obtain multiple trainings such as successful sales closing, handling of clients, leveraging current and past clients into future work, avoiding traps that can hinder growth, and more.

Specialized training on independent income tax tips, financial management, and procuring your own health insurance are encompassed as well.


 If your chosen direction is to start your own business, the entrepreneurship training is for you.  As everybody knows, starting a business can be an intimidating and daunting prospect. As such, there are several trainings that accompany this module including a comprehensive business planning template to guarantee that you’ve thought through all the critical factors.

With most businesses failing within 5 years, thinking through the right questions in advance is often the difference between success and failure. Don’t go in unarmed with this knowledge or you’re likely to be faced with lost time, money, and frustration.

The entrepreneurship module includes topics on entrepreneurship 101, deep dives on generating new customers through different strategies (both organic and paid advertising), developing an offer strategy, persuasive marketing & sales training, handling clients, understanding the financials, and more.

And just like the freelancing module, you will have training on independent tax tips, financial management, and procuring your own health insurance.

Combining your passion and skills with the concrete planning and knowledge this training provides, your chances of success significantly skyrocket!

4 – Mindset Ritual

No matter which income model you choose, it won’t be easy, and you are almost guaranteed to face some adversity.

As you might expect, this portion of the training focuses on developing the resolve required to pursue your dream, including a daily ritual on mindset and motivation that utilizes the brain’s neuroplasticity to develop new neural pathways.

When things get tough, you will have the mental fortitude to push through any obstacles that cross your path.

DISC and Motivators Assessment

5 – Wisdom Module

The wisdom section dives into the inner workings of the mind with a focus on various principles for living. It is an essential prerequisite and natural precursor to the deeper internal work of psychohacking.

These audios, on their own, will cause seismic shifts in the way you think, feel, and act… they are that powerful!

Oculus Health and Fitness Modules

6 – Therapeutic Tools

This set of tools, while not applicable to everybody, is intended to help people who have specific needs in areas described below.

The first tool is an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technique that can be used to rewire an involuntary, mental reaction by the mind to a certain trigger or triggers.

The other tool in this section relates to past psychological trauma and is for anybody who has experienced deep, emotional pain in their lives and has experienced issues with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder, which can result from violence or sexual assault) and/or DTD (developmental trauma disorder, which can result from child abuse, neglect, hostile environment, role reversal, etc.).

Various healing techniques are discussed for aid in these matters.

DISC and Motivators Assessment

7 – Free Bonus!

As a bonus, a collection of other personal development trainings is included that cover overall well-being using the latest research and methodology to achieve overall physical and mental health.

Bonus training topics include balancing neurohormones, sleep, time management, charisma and personal relationships, biohacking your energy, and  more.



What this course is:

  • A self-study course to guide you in escaping a miserable job and starting the journey on a new, fulfilling career path doing work you love
  • A course designed to move you from a Toxic or Unfulfilling situation to a Bridge of new beginnings, from Poverty or Uncertainty to Financial Security, and from a Chaotic or Unfulfilling mindset to something far more stable
  • A training on mindset for developing the proper frame of thinking so that you have the focus, motivation, and drive to keep moving forward
  • Specific step-by-step trainings in the different income models for externally starting your new career so that you know exactly what to do along the way while keeping you from spinning your wheels losing time and money

What this course is not:

  • A get-rich-quick scheme promising overnight wealth
  • An MLM or network marketing “opportunity”
  • A method of creating a passive income without having to work hard or invest time
  • The full Awaken course – it does not include psychohacking training and one-on-one mentoring

Hear for yourself from these Awaken Prelude students…

Results claimed by our customers are based on individual experiences that are unique and cannot be guaranteed.

From Lost And Jobless to a $1000 Day and Freedom

What do you do when you’ve just left a stressful job, you don’t want to keep spinning the roulette wheel of burnout with something similar, and you’re feeling lost and unmotivated?

For Forest, the answer was to get help from someone he knew could help. Now, he’s motivated, disciplined, enthusiastic, and he’s got the systems and processes to enable a successful freelancing career where he was able to make $1000 in a day.

To hear about his journey, watch the video!

From Unemployed to Making Six Figures in a Job He Loves

In the time I’ve known Christian, he’s gone from unemployed to being underpaid at a job he hated to making six figures at a job he loves.

He’s also seen a total change in how he approaches life as well, moving from self judgment to gratitude.

To hear how he did it, check out this video where Christian shares his story!

Awaken Prelude Guarantee

If you complete the course and haven’t gotten your value’s worth, we’ll gladly issue a full refund. The only thing we ask is a short conversation to help us figure out where things fell short so we can improve going forward.

Which Road Will YOU Take?

We began this conversation discussing events that have led up to this point in your life.
After following society’s chosen path, here you are… feeling broken down, tired, and miserable. You were told a pack of lies that ALL would be well if you followed instructions.

So you obeyed and all you ended up with was more frustration, stress, and that empty feeling of wondering “is this really all there is?

For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, you are being given a lifeline in this moment. You are being presented with an opportunity to right the ship and chart a new path.

The sooner you choose to alter your direction, the quicker all aspects of your life can begin to change for the better.

If you KNOW things can’t keep going the way they are, but you find yourself thinking that you’ll look at doing something tomorrow or later in the week… I’ve got bad news for you.

Later in the week will become later in the month, then later in the year, then… then mind will keep kicking the can down the road.

If you do not decide to take action now, then let’s be frank… you probably never will.

Look, time is going to proceed regardless. The days, weeks, and years will continue to pass and settling in your current situation WILL continue to take a toll on your life.

Ignoring this won’t make it go away. This isn’t something you can just tough out until you retire.

As your stress levels increase, your health decreases. That is a FACT. Plain and simple.

Imagine lying in a hospital bed years from now after your second stroke, wondering what if…

What if I had taken a chance to do something different with my life years ago?

Might I have been able to save my marriage? Might I have been able to repair my relationship with my kids?

You ponder on the likelihood that you probably would have made a lot more money doing work you enjoy and life probably would have been a lot less stressful.

A feeling of remorse washes over you when you think about the lost, forgotten dreams and wishes that never happened…. wishing you could have provided more for your family, especially in terms of actually being present with them and having joy to share with them.

Instead of remaining complacent, you could have done something different and created memories to last a lifetime.

Contemplate lingering in your situation for the rest of your life.

Really feel and envision it.

Can you feel that heavy energy in your body? Maybe tightness in your chest or a sinking feeling in your stomach?

That discomfort is a gift, a weapon to use against the real enemy here. I’m giving it to you for a reason.

The reason is because you must fight the great trickster of the caveman mind, who is lying to you that making a change is something to be terrified of. In reality, the status quo is far more terrifying, and that’s why I showed you that future: so that you don’t have to actually live it.

The human mammalian brain is wired to equate change with walking into a lion’s den.

This is the automatic fight-or-flight mode kicking in, but in today’s times you are not in any real danger of getting eaten by a lion. Today, opportunities for successful change far outnumber risks of death.

If your doctor has already warned you about your health and/or stress levels, or if you’ve started fighting with those you love because of your negative feelings, then you had best heed the warnings and recognize the red flags.

It’s time to stand up and fight for your life.

Elderly people, when asked about life regrets, often give a common answer: that they wish they had been true to themselves.

The decision you make right now will reverberate for decades to come… this is your moment!


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Which road will YOU take?

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